During the past five years, George has built a quiet existence following the tragic death of her husband.  She moved to LA to start her life over and has no intentions of falling in love.  Her hermit existence and passion for reading and writing romance have driven her to fear the real world,  but while on a blind date she meets Finn Lowry.  Kind, sensitive, funny and voted one of 2014’s hottest actors, he’s hard to resist, and totally out of her league.  But in order to keep her promise to herself, she must steer clear of this man at all costs.

     Finn sets out to pull George back to the surface, showing her it is possible for her to find love again after living with a heart on lockdown for so long.  George is about to learn how humour, persistence and life in the limelight come together with Finn to conspire to show her the way to her heart.  Can George let go of her old insecurities and avoid Finn’s  fans for long enough to let him get through to her?


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